Ingrown Hair Treatment

About Ingrown Hair

An ingrown hair is a hair that instead of growing upwards from the follicle starts growing backwards into the skin. This causes a small bump on the skin. A small part of the underlying hair can usually be seen under the bump. Ingrowing hairs most often occur in areas where the hair has been shaved or waxed as this causes the hair follicles to break and become sharp; disrupting normal growth. Thus, it is important to avoid waxing, shaving and threading as this may further aggravate the situation.

I found myself trapped in the cycle of no getting my legs waxed because of my ingrown hair and wanting to wax to get rid of hair growth. I am happy to have found the solution with Laser Hair Removal at Zolie Skin Clinic.

Ms. Sonali,Greater Kailash

Treatment options:

The best way to be rid of ingrowing hairs is to stop the problem at the source. By Laser Hair Removal hair fall out from the root so there are no ingrowing hair and it gives the longest lasting and most effective results of all hair removal methods.Exfoliation: With chemical peels and microdermabrasion(MDA) can also help with the stubborn ingrown hair.