Skin tags Treatment

About Skin Tags and Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small brown growths that hang off the skin and are usually found on the neck, armpits, around the groin. They are harmless and more of cosmetic concern. They are more commonly seen in diabetics and people who are over-weight. Skin tag removal is very simple and quick procedure, it usually takes a few minutes.

At Zolie Skin Clinic, Dr Parwanda painlessly removed my skin tags and that too without any residual spots or scars. If I knew it was that easy and simple I would have got rid of them long ago.

Mr Prakash, Defence Colony


If you want to get rid of that unsightly skin tag the answer is Removal of the tag by lasers or Radiofrequency devices. The steps of removing skin tag include:
1. Applying a numbing cream over the area for half an hour to one hour
2. Cleaning the area with antiseptic lotions
3. Using a RF probe or Co2 laser to target the stalk of the skin tag in order to remove it
4. Applying an antibiotic cream to help with the healing process