Eye Dark Circles Treatment

About Under Eye Dark Circles

In a world that never sleeps, dark circles are a persistent issue. They often give a very tired and fatigued appearance and can subject you to various comments and concerns. Dark circles are troublesome and may occur due to a number of causes, which can be as diverse as heredity to eczema to fatigue. They usually run in families or can be a part of ageing which can make the blood vessels more visible through thinning skin also hollow contours because of loss of undereye fat pads can create shadows. Even though Dark Cirles are not harmful, they are not desired in terms of appearance. There are various dark circles treatments available in Delhi, and we at Zolie make sure that we help you deal with dark circles with procedures that suit your skin the best.

My friends no longer say that I always have a tired look. My eyes appear brighter after getting the tear trough filler done at Zolie Skin Clinic. I have a much fresher look now.

Ms Preeti, Greater Kailash

Treatments offered for wrinkles and dark circles are:

  • Prescription based creams
  • Medicated sunscreen
  • Tear trough correction by Dermal fillers
  • Undereye PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)
  • Undereye Peels
  • HIFU