Hairloss can be very distressing for anyone, thdo not have much functional value but the aesthetic appeal they impart is well recognised especially in patients who experience decrease in the volume and density of hair because of its loss.

To treat hairloss we must first ascertain the cause behind it. Some common causes are:

  1. Androgenetic alopecia or Patterned hair loss
  2. Telogen Effluvium: caused by an illness such as typhoid, malaria; nutritional deficiency, stress etc
  3. Postpartum telogen Effluvium: hairloss experienced by mothers after delivery
  4. Alopecia areata
  5. Scarring alopecia: lichen planus, folliculitis decalvans etc.

After determining the cause of hairloss their are various treatment modalities we could use to improve the condition. Some of them are listed below:

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

We only have a limited number of treatment options to help patients with hair loss apart from the regular medicines and topical lotions, Platelet Rich Plasma is an interesting development in that sense. Zolie’s Hair loss treatments include Platelet Rich Plasma therapy this helps promote hair growth for those patients who do not want to undergo surgery yet want an aggressive approach to treatment.


  1. Blood withdrawl
  2. Centrifugation
  3. Preparation of PRP
  4. Injecting PRP

PDO Scalp threads

Use of PDO threads is a novel treatment option in cases of male pattern hair loss and they lead to improvement in the condition by release of growth factors, enhanced expression of hair related genes and possibly by activation of stem cells.


  1. Application of numbing cream over the scalp.
  2. Removing the numbing cream after 45 minutes
  3. Cleaning the area with spirit and betadine
  4. Insertion of PDO threads

Duration: 70 mins to 75 mins

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy involves injecting solutions containing a wide range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and co-enzymes that help decrease the hair loss and also help promote hair growth. The injections are given in the mesoderm


  1. Numbing cream is applied on the scalp
  2. After removing the numbing cream in 45 minutes, the scalp is cleaned with spirit and betadine.
  3. Meso solutions are then injected in the mesoderm in areas of hairloss

Duration: 70mins to 75 mins

Before After Pictures

PRP Treatment-Before-After


Our patient had been suffering from hair loss from sometime and after starting him on oral medicines and topical lotions, we suggested him PRP treatment