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While people might have this idea that dermatologists like me are born with flawless skin and features and have a psychic ability to communicate with our skin problems and tell them to shoo away, that is simply not true!

Only after joining Dermatology residency did I get sensitised to the importance of skincare. Before, I was like any other youth, aware about the importance of skin care but inconsistent with them. Studying about the Skin structure, Skin types, various ingredients gave me great insight.

However, our skin is just not meant to carry the same elasticity and glow we have when we’re in our early twenties, forever! I started noticing the same signs of ageing in a once flawless skin. Being a dermatologist, I have the advantage of to sampling a lot of medical grade products which specifically suit my skin. One product doesn’t work the same way for everyone, and I realized that very early in my career. Hence, I recommend all my patients personalized products meant for their individual case! For me, the following routines have worked best after trial and errors! They’re basic products and I recommend these to anyone adamant in improving their skin but doesn’t know where to start;

My skincare routine is pretty simple:

Morning Routine

1. Foaming facewash: Sebamed clear face cleansing foam by @sebapharma, Keracnyl foaming face wash by @Ducray Laboratories dermetologiques, Avène Cleanance cleansing gel.

2. Topical Vit C: Revibra C 10 pure vitamin c cream by @Dr Reddy’s Laboratories or VC15 Vitamin C Serum by@cipla

3. Sunscreen:Avene Sunscreen VHP SPF50+ DRY TOUCH Emulsion, La Sheild sunscreen gel by Glenmark, Faceguard silicon sunscreen gel spf 50 by @ Abbott

4. Oil free moisturiser: Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Moisturiser by @Neutrogena, Episoft AC moisturiser by@Glenmark pharmaceutical

Night Routine

1. Foaming face wash with Glycolic acid/ lactic acid: AHAglow gel by @Torrent pharma, cutiwash foaming face wash by @micro labs

2. Vit A and hyaluronic acid serum: C-25 Enhance Serum by Fix Derma India

3. Moisturiser: Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Emulsion by @Body Shop

As a body lotion I use:

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion by aveeno

While the above routine helps me keep my skin stead, I rely more on medical grade procedures for the general up keep of the Skin to better enhance my features. Some procedures I get done on a regular basis are:

1. Microdermabrasion
2. Photofacial
3. Carbon Peel
4. A little bit of anti wrinkle injections here n there
5. Dermal fillers to treat the undereye hollowing.

I hope this helped bust some Dermat myths and has encouraged you to seek out your personal skin doctor so they can give you routines and products that work BEST FOR YOUR SKIN!


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