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Today at Zolie blog we are going the address the biggest elephant in the room; acne. Most of the people around the globe take a lot of different steps in order to curb their acne. Often we see our patients struggling with acne. Seldom people know that there are some basic measures that they could follow in order to control their acne from increasing. Acne is a very common problem among teenagers and young adults and with a couple of precautions, you can definitely control it from increasing.

The tips that we are going to share with you will help you control your acne and in some cases even help you treat them completely on your own.

Zolie Tip 1- Salicylic acid facewashes

A good face wash which contains Salicylic acid will definitely help you curb your acne. Salicylic acid is extracted using the bark of the willow tree and is a type of beta hydroxyl acid. The element will help you in getting a very balanced skin tone. It also works as a good exfoliator and helps in removing dead cells and flaky skin. It will not only help you fight your acne but also help lighten dark spots.

Zolie Tip 2- Avoiding high glycemic foods and dairy products

When you consume food which is high in carbohydrates it increases your sugar level. A food product which has high glycemic index means a food product which will increase the level of insulin in your body. Now, we know most of us would love to have a large bag of French fries all alone but in case you have acne, you might want to rethink your food selection and opt for a bowl of salad instead.

The same rule applies to dairy products, milk and ice cream can increase your acne.

Zolie Tip 3- Gels containing Clindamycin, tretinoin, adapalene

Gels with any of these are really beneficial in the treatment of your acne. However, before applying any gel you should ensure that both your face and your hands are clean. You should also apply the gel with dry hands since the formula may cause irritation. In order to avoid irritation, you should not go out in the sun after applying the gel and thus these gels would work the best if you apply them right before bedtime.

Zolie Tip 4- Not picking on the pimples

Make a self-note today and promise yourself to never touch or pick on your pimples from now onwards. We know that most of you are really tempted to pop or squeeze out your pimple, but doing that will simply cause the bacteria in your skin to increase which may lead to more pimples. In the worst situation, it can even lead to acne scars which are really difficult to get rid of even with the help of treatments.

Zolie Tip 5- Removing makeup thoroughly so there aren’t residues left behind

We know that after a long and tiring day removing makeup off your skin may look like a mammoth task. However, to get an acne free skin you need to complete this task. Every time you come home after your hectic day at your workplace or college do ensure that you remove all your makeup and clean your face before you hit your bed and call it a day.

Zolie Tip #Bonus tip- Apply essential oils to active pimples

At times applying essential oils like the tea tree oil or neem oil maybe beneficial for your skin. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial oil agents that help out in clearing microbes which are clogging your skin.


Having an acne free skin is something we all yearn for and with proper hygiene and some precautions, you too can have it. With that, we hope you loved today’s Zolie blog. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


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