laser hair removal for men in Delhi

(This is a guest blog by one of our male patient.)

There are some questions everyone goes through when they are considering laser hair removal for their body.

  • Should you go for it?
  • Does it pain?
  • Will it feel odd? Is it safe?
  • Is it worth the money and the time?

To answer the first question- Should you go for it?

It totally depends upon your needs and the amount of hair growth on your body with which you are comfortable. I am 26 year old who acquired the hair growth of Anil Kapoor (thank you genes)!!

Coming to the second question-Does it pain?

Yes,  it hurts. But it is supposed to. Don’t all good things after bad times? It is the darkest before dawn. It might seem like that I am quoting random stuff but it is actually true. Sitting during the sessions is a bit painful and you are wondering when will it get over (to be completely honest).

But once it is done and you see the results, you get that feeling that it was worth the wait….


Patchy hair growth after 2 sessions of laser hair removal at Zolie Skin Clinic

Does it feel odd?

Yes, it feels odd at first because you are used to having hair on your body, that acted like cushioning and now it is gone. But the nice touch/feeling you get on your skin is amazing.

Well worth the pain… All thanks to Zolie Skin Clinic.

Is it safe?

This is truly a dealbreaker for most of the people looking for getting laser hair removal. At Zolie Skin Clinic utmost care is taken that you are precautioned about the dangers and the side-effects that can come because all skin-types are different. For me personally, I had privacy issues as well but the technician provided was very professional. The machine used by Zolie Skin Clinic is a US FDA approved machine, it is a diode technology.

Proper pre-treatment and post-treatment care is required. They will suggest you the ointment and the cream to apply at night.

Is it worth the time and money?


Reduced hair growth after 1 year of getting the 4th session of laser hair removal for the arm-ZolieSkinClinic

This is an important factor to consider because unlike most of the hair removing methods, laser hair removal is not cheap. But you can always lookout for offers as in the one which I booked- Got 6 sessions at 60,000. The cost also depends on the region you are looking to get the laser done.

For me personally, it was worth the money because the result has been amazing so far. Yes it is not a one-time thing. You have to come for sessions that might stretch months. The hair regrows again and you have to get it shaved again in the next session.

To all the 20-30 year old guys who are looking to have a smoother skin, I would recommend you to at least have a consulting session with Dr. Nirupama. I got my confidence and my love life also kind of got back on track (one of the reasons I got the hair removal done was my girlfriend).

I know it feels odd to show off no hair on your arms and hands but you can always wear cotton henleys (very reasonable price on myntra) that I wear outside home. Henleys are stylish and protect that area.



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