nose rhinoplasty in south delhi

(Personal experience shared by one of our patient.)

Today as I woke up in the morning, I got to see my nose as regular days; deviated, a bit fat and totally not the way I want it to be. But looking on the bright side, I had then excitement and hope of getting my nose in shape as I had the appointment with my doctor for nose reshaping (non-surgical rhinoplasty). As time flies, my appointment with the doctor arrived. I met her at the clinic where she was ready with her cannula and filler to sculpt my nose in perfect shape. After a brief talk with her she then prepared me mentally to go ahead with the procedure. She applied on my nose anesthesia, which was left for about 30 min. Then came the actual job; insertion of the cannula right from the tip of my nose to the center point in between my eyes.  My doctor made sure that I do not feel any discomfort while undergoing the procedure. Hence, she maintained her communication with me after every slight push of the cannula inside my nose. Once it was completely inside, I could feel the straight structure touching the bone of my nose. However, it was painless and it happened in a slow and steady manner. Then she asked me to shut my eyes and squeeze my eyebrows together in a manner that it nearly looks like a unibrow. Then she filled this part with dermal filler. I had to keep my eyes closed as she filled my nose with the filler. Slowly she moved out the cannula and showed me the mirror. With the result that I got to see after the setting, it was breathtaking. Finally, my nose was in a shape that I always wanted it to be. It looked straighter and the deviation from my nose just disappeared. I just loved the new look of my nose and couldn’t thank more for this wonderful magic. For some retouching, she injected with the needle some more filler on the nasal fold points of my nose. Well this time the prick of the needle caused a bit of pain but just for a blink of an eye.

Once the work was done, I was asked to follow some precautions to avoid discomfort and help the filler turn into solid. For 15 days, after my setting, I was advised to

  • avoid wearing glasses or shades,
  • avoid  experiencing steam and sauna sessions,
  • avoid heat on my face,
  • avoid sleeping flat on my face,
  • avoid touching my nose,
  • avoid facial massages,
  • avoid outdoor activities in the daytime (during the hot summers)

Rather I was encouraged to

  • Sleep straight while I rested my back on the bed
  • Stay in air-conditioned room

before and after pictures of nose job rhinoplasty

After following the doctor’s prescribed precautions. I got to see even more definition to my nose, which indicated that the filler had turned into solid. Now I am able to face the world with more confidence and present myself before them with a sharper and well defined nose. I am happy with the results and now I can even do my daily chores without following the precautions anymore. Which means, YES to steam, sauna and shades, just like in the old days. The best part, my nose stays the same, without bothering me to think that it was once deviated. Thanks!


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