The Incredible Mother (Bride/Groom) Package

Being the mother of the bride/groom is not an easy task. We at Zolie understand how hard working our super moms are and how the wedding of their children is probably one of the greatest days of their life as well. This package is basically our small effort to pay gratitude to all the amazing mother’s out there who want to look the best on their child’s wedding. This ‘mother of the bride/groom package’ will not only make you look flawless but also the star mom of the wedding.

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1.) Medifacials

  • Anti-aging facial- Turn the clock facial

Our special anti-aging facial has been designed to take care of all the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Best for the women above 40, this facial will target your ‘mature skin’ and bring back the youthful glow and charm.

  • Skin tightening facial- Charm restoration facial

Now we know that everyone hates saggy skin and thus, this facial is specially crafted to tackle the dryness and saggy skin to restore the radiance and charm on your face which you thought was lost.

  • Collagen Facial-  Mother’s aura facial

This collagen facial has been moulded by our team to target the unwanted dead skin layer on your face. Collagen is the building block of your skin, and this medi-facial will not only restore the depleted collagen but also rejuvenate your skin.

2.) Dermal Fillers

3.) Thread Lift

4.) Photofacial