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Cosmetic surgeries are undoubtedly a boon for many women. This advanced technology has really effective results and is also very affordable. Cosmetic surgeries not only make people look younger but in some ways also gives them an opportunity to get what they have yearned for in their face. It also boosts their confidence and makes them feel more acceptable in the society. However, a cosmetic surgery might not be a right solution for you under certain circumstances. Our today’s Zolie blog is going to be about when one should not opt for cosmetic procedures/surgeries.

1) Unrealistic expectations– knowing the exact motivation before getting a cosmetic surgery done is very crucial for the client. A person who has unrealistic expectations will never be satisfied with the outcome of his/her surgery. Since they are never happy with their appearance. Thus, it is important to have a healthy motivation and a good mental attitude before going for any permanent change.


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2) Dysmorphic Syndrome– commonly known as dysmorphophobia. It is a type of mental disorder where a person is firmly believing that a certain part of their body is deeply flawed. They can go to any extent in order to hide or fix this flaw in their body. Clients suffering from this problem are obsessed with looking perfect and rectifying a certain body part. Thus, it is important to ensure that your mental state is healthy before you contemplate a cosmetic surgery.

3) If it’s an addiction– people these days love to seek validation from everyone in order to fit in. Many a time getting a cosmetic surgery done can open a vicious cycle of more and more surgeries in order to feel good. Seldom they realize that their obsession with looking beautiful has taken another toll and has become an unhealthy addiction. Henceforth, it is important to know what they are in for before getting any cosmetic surgery done.

4) Without health consultation– when it comes to elective procedures it is very crucial for the client to go for a health check-up in order to ensure that they are physically fit to get a surgery done. People with diabetes, blood pressure problems, bleeding disorders, heart diseases should refrain from getting any treatment done as they are not the physically ideal candidates.

5) Not for your own happiness– one should do things which make them happy. Many times I see women who want to get cosmetic surgeries done not because they aren’t happy with themselves but the society has made them believe that they shouldn’t be happy. There are people who go under the knife to woo a person in order to save their relationship or fix their marriage. It is important for the client to know that they should only go for a cosmetic surgery if they are happy with it.


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