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Having a bad hair day is never an easy thing. We love people who have beautiful and healthy hair. Our Zolie tips are loved by all the wonderful readers, and thus here we are today with a new article on ‘golden rules one must follow for good hair’.

1) Avoid heat– if you’ve ever envied Rapunzel for the kind of hair she had then let me assure you, even you can achieve that by avoiding subjecting your hair to a lot of heat of hair styling products.

2) Use cold water– one should use cold water to clean their hair. It has been proved that hot water is not good for our scalp and has the same effect on the scalp when we apply heat on hair. Using cold water doesn’t mean ice cold but the water which is at room temperature.

3) A big no to tight ties– make sure you are not using tight hair ties since they might ruin the texture of your hair. Even if you are tying a ponytail or making a clean bun, make sure that it’s not very tight.


4) Don’t tease your hair– I’ve seen a lot of people who love styling their hair. Teasing your hair is a very common term which is used by hairstylists which means backcombing your hair in the crown area in order to create a very voluminous look. However, the damage is not worth the result, it has been noticed that teasing your hair can damage your hair permanently and can even ruin the texture.

5) Loose braids– before sleeping just make sure that you tie your hair in a very loose braid. Tight braids may do a lot of damage to your hair and sleep with your hair open will result in knots in the morning. Over-brushing your hair will make your hair more damaged.

6) Hair drying- the best way to dry your hair after a shampoo is by dabbing and patting on it gently. Do not rub your hair with your towel. Now I know rubbing the hair with the towel may seem like the easiest and possibly the fastest way to dry your hair without heat. However, the amount of hair which falls due to this method simply doubles up your hair fall.

7) Hair masks- I cannot emphasize enough on this point, it is important for a person to use a hair mask if they have very damaged hair. Using a hair mask once a week will give some amazing results. You can use any hair mask depending upon your hair type.

8) Don’t use plastic brushes- it has been noticed that plastic brushes increase hair fall and thus one needs to switch them up with wooden brushes.

9) Oil massage- the best lifesaver ever created by people. Make sure that you apply oil on your hair before you clean them up. Since oiling has been proved to be a very effective way to have beautiful and healthy hair. If you are someone who has acne problems, then try to use oils which are non-sticky in nature.

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