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It’s that time of the year when summer season has finally hit the city. After spending our winters cribbing about how much we missed summers, here we are again complaining about our deteriorating skin quality in the summer season. If you are one of those unfortunate people who are already done with the summer season hassles, then you have come to the right the place.

In today’s Zolie blog we are going to share some secret tips to follow to beat the heat. After all, everyone would love to know more about a dermatologist’s mine of skincare hacks.

Zolie Tip #1- Using a Sunscreen

Using a good sunscreen is very important for your skin to prevent it from any kind of sun damage. On the basis of your skin type, you can choose the kind of sunscreen (gel, cream or lotion) which would suit your skin. Then the next thing you need to keep in mind is the SPF, a good sunscreen will have somewhere between SPF 30. Applying sunscreen in every couple of hours would help you protect your skin from the damaging UV rays.

Zolie Tip #2- Staying Hydrated


With the summer heat getting intense day by day you need to ensure that you do understand the importance of being hydrated. Being hydrated is not only important for your skin but also for the daily functions of your body. After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy skin. Start your morning by drinking a glass of water. Make sure that you carry your water bottle wherever you go and drink one glass every hour. This will maintain your body temperature and also help in the blood circulation.

Zolie Tip #3- Choose Serums over Oils and Creams


It’s finally that time when you need to ditch your oils and creams and use serums on your skin instead. A serum is mainly a water-based formula which will easily blend in your skin. Serums are mostly very light weighted as compared to the heavy creams and oils that we apply on our face. So it is highly recommended to opt for a serum during the summer season and ditch your oils and heavy creams.

Zolie Tip #4- Using a Foaming Face Wash

Most of us try to prevent that oil shine which comes on our face every time we step out in the heat. A good foaming face wash will not only help you in preventing the oil shine but also help you in cleaning out the dirt and debris trapped inside your skin. It is very important to wash your face at least twice a day during the summer season for a healthy and clean skin.

Zolie Tip #5- Lip Care

Taking care of your chapped lips during the summers is very essential since it’s the lips which have to bear the brunt of the seasonal change. A good lip balm with SPF 15 along with weekly exfoliations will protect your lips from the scorching heat of the summers.

In order to exfoliate your lips at home you can use this DIY scrub, all you need is-

  • sugar crystals (1tbsp)
  • honey (1tbp)
  • coconut oil (1tbsp)

mix all the ingredients really thoroughly and then apply them to your lips. Scrub it for at least five minutes for the best results.

With that, I hope you guys liked these tips and tricks to beat the summer heat.


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