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laser hair reduction on leg myths People often associate a laser treatment with a huge hole in their pockets. I’ve met with a couple of people recently who had their own set of myths regarding a laser treatment which prompted me to dedicate today’s Zolie blog to the topic ‘myths related to laser treatment’. The other day I met with a couple of wonderful young women and out of the blue, we started a discussion on laser treatment. After having a thorough discussion with them I realized that people don’t exactly know much about a laser treatment and their fears regarding the procedure is one of the main reasons to still opt for the archaic and tiring methods of waxing and shaving.

So without further ado let’s bust some myths out!

1) Laser treatment is going to be painful– this is one of the most common myths that I have come across with. It’s true that some women do experience a pinprick sensation on their skin during the treatment but beyond that, you won’t feel any sort of unbearable pain. As a matter of fact, laser treatments are much less painful than waxing and using epilators.

2) Laser treatment will expose you to radiations– laser treatments do not expose you to any sort of radiations. People believe that a laser treatment will increase the chances of getting skin cancer which is not at all true. The treatment is really safe and does not cause any harm to your skin.


3) Laser treatment will make your hair denser– it is a well-known fact that hair which grows after a laser treatment is much lighter and finer. With every laser session which you’ll go through you’ll notice a decline of 10-25 percent in the hair growth.

4) You’ll get hair free after one session– often people think that they will achieve the best results just after one session. In order to achieve good results, one needs to attend 4-10 sessions depending upon the hair quality and other factors.

5) Anyone can perform this procedure– laser treatment may sound like an easy procedure but it is important to get it done by professionals who have the proper equipment and knowledge about it. We at Zolie Skin Clinic know what’s the best for our clients and our team of professionals are the best at their work.

Conclusion– there are many rumors regarding a laser treatment and trust me I know most of them are very intimidating. However, the majority of the things which you hear about a laser treatment are false. Laser treatment has evolved with the modern technology and is a really effective way of getting rid of body hair,  and hence don’t let the old myths get deter you from having a hair free skin.


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