Men vs Women Skin

Do you know men have different skin than women? Do you know how it is different? Does your spouse use same cosmetic products as you? If yes, then you immediately need to ask them stop doing so. As a lay man, anybody would say that the difference between the skin of a man and a woman is facial hair. Yes, true. But there are so many other differences as well which we generally tend to ignore.
If you’re interested in knowing more differences, then read on.

Thickness of Skin

There’s a structural difference between the male and female skin. You may already have observed that men have thicker skin than women, do you wonder why? That’s because of the stimulation of androgen, a male hormone which leads to a thick skin in men. There are so many other factors which affect the thickness of our skin such as age & the environment. The texture of men’s skin is tougher than women’s skin but various researches show that with age men’s skin gets thinner as compared to women’s skin. It’s only after menopause that the women’s skin starts becoming thin.

Production of Sebum

Because of the hormonal differences, the amount of sebum production in men and women is different. Sebum, which is main cause for acne, is produced in large amounts in men. The androgen secretion during/after puberty is the reason why acne last longer in men.

Skin Texture

Men’s skin texture become rough due to more hair. This also causes large pores; therefore, Dr. Nirupama Parwanda suggests men should use skin care products which can be instantly absorbed by the skin. As you know that men also have more oily skin than women, it is suggested to use skin care products which help in controlling the sebum production which can ultimately help you in reducing acne. I hope you now understand why you shouldn’t be using same skin care products as your spouse!

Density of Collagen

The high density of collagen in men irrespective of age is the reason why there are less signs of aging such as age spots and wrinkles in men as compared to that in women. As we age, the production of collagen reduces, which results in the signs of aging. So, it’s usually after the menopause that the process of aging becomes faster and that’s why at this stage, women should develop a healthy skin care regimen to lessen the effects of aging on their skin. But, men’s skin is easily damaged from Sun’s UV rays, so please do not think that it’s only women who need to apply sun block on regular basis.


As you have now understood the structural differences between a man’s and a woman’s skin, you must understand that due to these differences they need different skin care regimen. Men have to deal with excessive hair growth and oily skin after puberty therefore the need for a deep cleanser arises. But women’s skin needs more hydrating moisturizers than men because of the presence of lactic acid in men.

While most of us believe skin care products are only made for women, now you must have understood that it is completely incorrect. Everyone, irrespective of their gender needs to take care of their skin. So, the knowledge of basic difference between a man’s and a woman’s skin is a great way to understand that their skin needs different care and treatments.

In most of the cases, men don’t use a facial cleanser or a sun block which is really really necessary if you want to keep your skin young and healthy. And the skin products that need to be paid more attention by ladies are – anti aging products, as their skin ages faster.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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