laser hair reduction in south delhi

Laser hair removal treatment is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. It also helps you in bidding goodbye to all those regular errands to the parlor for painful waxing sessions or those hasty shaving sessions which you had in your washroom before hitting a party. When it comes to a laser treatment, people have their doubts.

They are really circumspect of their actions before their appointment and at times out of nervousness follow every rule that they see on the internet.

Today’s Zolie blog is going to be for all the newbies out there who have their first laser treatment lined up.

Consultation with your dermatologist- it is vital to have a consultation session with your dermatologist. This session is mainly important to assess your health and to ensure that you are fit to undergo a treatment. Another reason as to why this session is important is to discuss the medications you’ve been taking. A proper consultation will not only be an assessment of your health but also an assessment of your skin type, which will further help you decide the kind of treatment suitable for you.

Avoid tanning before your treatment- After the consultation, once you have passed all the prerequisites and have decided to go for the treatment, it is important for you to avoid tanning beds for up to six weeks before the treatment. You should avoid excessive exposure to sun, because tanning may lead to blisters and burns after the treatment.

Don’t remove hair by the roots- Another very important tip to follow is avoiding removal of hair by the roots. In the six weeks up to your treatment one needs to avoid waxing, plucking, and bleaching of hair. Pulling of hair by the roots will prevent the laser treatment from being effective since there would be no hair left for the laser to target. One can shave the unwanted hair as it removes the hair from the skin and not from the roots.

Avoid caffeine 24 hours prior to your treatment- One needs to avoid having caffeine prior to the treatment because it may increase your anxiety. It is important to have a nice and healthy sleep before any treatment and consuming caffeine will undoubtedly hinder that.

Show up with clean skin- Make sure that you take a bath before you get your laser treatment done. It is important to take a bath prior to the treatment in order to remove all the dirt and oil from the body. Ensure that you use a gentle cleanser to wash yourself and do not moisturize after the bath.

To know about the tips one should follow after a laser treatment don’t forget to read our blog on the same. With that I hope you loved today’s Zolie blog.


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