before and after photo of thread lift

Our very dear patient Ms Anu, referred her cousin aunt Ms T* to us, she was troubled by the fact that her skin looked more aged and dull. Ms T* was merely 43years old, but her upper face had deep horizontal lines, she had perioral lines because of smoking for over 20yrs, her mid face and lower face was sagging. She wasn’t very pleased by what aging, excessive sun exposure over the years and 20+years of smoking did to her face.

She came to us asking for the solution, we recommended anti wrinkle injections for the horizontal lines of the forehead and the crows feet, but she wasn’t too keen on it since she was already aware that effects of the injections lasts for only 4-6 months. Ms T* was looking at some long term solution so we discussed about dermal fillers and PDO threads since their effect lasts for about 2years. It was the first time that she was consulting someone for antiaging treatment so her apprehensions were much more.

After a lot of discussion, we finally decided on thread lift and we decided to lift her mid face by putting the threads across three vectors on each side. We applied a numbing cream over the area where we were going to insert the thread from and after about 45 mins we started the procedure. We marked the vectors on both sides. After inserting the first thread from the mid face to the naso labial fold, the cheeks looked much more lifted and naso labial line looked less prominent, and the patient looked much more happier. After insertion of three threads on the right side of the face, the patient could appreciate the difference that the insertion of merely 3 threads did to her face.

After completion of the procedure the face looked much more contoured, nasolabial lines were less prominent, jawline too looked more defined and patient walked out of the clinic looking much more younger and happier.


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