cost of full body laser hair removal

Since laser hair removal in Delhi is a very viable option for anyone who is desiring a long-term solution for his/her unwanted body hair, it is fast becoming extremely popular especially among the mid 20s to mid 30s group. The most common concerns or queries patients have are about the effectiveness of the treatment, safety of laser hair removal and of course the cost. Most US FDA approved lasers are great at giving excellent results and are very safe, the only downside is the cost.

Hair Removal by a good laser is expensive most times until and unless the clinic is running a promotional offer.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

The cost of full body Laser Hair Removal in Delhi varies anywhere around Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 40,000 and it varies according to various factors:

1. Type of laser technology used: Diode laser is one of the most popular technologies at present
2. FDA approval status of the machines: US FDA approval of the machines suggests the effectiveness of machine as well as the safety profile
3. Laser being done at a qualified Dermatologist’s clinic : A Dermatologist is able to better assess the parameters which are to be used while performing the procedures on the basis of the patient’s skin colour, the hair growth, area of unwanted hair, the number of sittings already taken.

And many other factors.

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At our clinic, currently, the cost of Laser Hair removal for full body is Rs 50,000 for 6 sessions as a part of a promotional offer till the 15th of September.

We use a German diode laser which is US FDA approved, it is one of the best technologies available so far.

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