how to get acne free skin

Who doesn’t want a clear, acne scars free skin?

Getting a smooth and clear skin is everybody’s dream , but if Acne appears it can damage the skin. The scars left behind acne may become permanent if not treated timely. Acne occurs when hair follicles are clogged with impurities and oil and is considered to be a major skin problem often found in teenagers.

Have you ever thought what could be the possible reasons for Acne?

1) Hormonal Changes: The excess of Androgens (type of hormones) during puberty/ the excessive production of sebum is the reason why teenagers have an outbreak. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy and excess use of pills can also lead to acne.
2) Imbalanced Diet: A healthy diet is the reason for healthy and disease free life. But if your diet is not properly planned it can lead to various health problems and one of them is Acne. Imbalanced diet including excess of junk and oily food products may cause acne.
3) Stress: Stress is a major cause which can aggravate Acne.
4) Drugs: Medicines which contain steroids, lithium and iodides can aggravate acne.

Every disease has its causes and treatments. So now when we are familiar with the causes of Acne, so then we can talk about some treatments of Acne.

Treatments of Acne:
There are various treatments which are suggested by a dermatologist based on your skin type, type of acne and severity of acne.

Topical Medication – Topical medicines include lotion, gel and creams which contain components such as Salicylic acid. This helps to reduce oil from the skin and would treat your acne and its after effects.
Oral Medication – Oral medication includes antibiotics and isotretinoin which helps in reduction of Acne.
Chemical Peels – Chemical peels treatment is used to remove all the impurities and the dead skin, thereby reducing acne and acne scars.
Laser Resurfacing – Laser resurfacing is used to diminish the acne and exfoliate dead skin. This technique is used by focusing a beam of laser light on the dead skin to remove the dull upper skin layer.

Acne Myths:
When it comes to risk of people’s health they start believing a particular myth because all they want is to get well. Following are some of the most common myths realted to acne:

Greasy Food – Consumption of greasy or oily food is not the major cause of acne. If you are working in the area where oil can touch your skin and make it oily, that may cause acne.
Dirty Skin – Excess of oil on skin can cause acne but dirty skin cannot aggravate acne.
Cosmetics – It’s not necessary that cosmetic products make your acne worse. If you use oil free makeup which would not allow oil to enter into the pores, acne would not be caused or increased.

Skincare is very essential for all to keep a beautiful appearance and look attractive. You should always consult an experienced and trusted dermatologist because skin is an essential part of our body. So, instead of trying out a hundreds of anti-acne products on your own, you should take guidance from a skin specialist to avoid any unwanted harm to your skin.
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