dark circle treatment

Both men and women can be affected by Dark circles. There are multiple reasons for dark circles to appear under your eyes like stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, a disturbed lifestyle,hereditary and many more.However, if treatment is not done on time, they will not only dull your overall appearance, it can also lead to serious health issues. At Zolie clinic,we provide various treatments for dark circles depending on age and skin type.

1.Prescription based creams

In order to lessen dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation from melasma or sun damage, you may be prescribed to use skin lightening with topical bleaching agents.
Creams containing hydroquinone, are often recommended, as are products that contain kojic acid, Vitamins C and K, green tea, and licorice.

2.Tear trough correction by Dermal fillers

Dermal filler gel is very carefully injected, either directly into the depression or just beneath it, to increase volume and plump up the area whilst smoothing the contours between eyes and cheeks.
You will notice an immediate improvement from the filler straight after treatment but remember that your final results will not be seen until any swelling has gone down.The area under the eyes is assessed before treatment and your nurse or doctor will advise you whether this is an effective treatment for you.
It needs an expert hand to get it right so make sure you do your research first when selecting your practitioner.

3.Undereye PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)

In this treatment,your own blood platelets are used to shrink the dark loops, hollow appearance, and crinkles around the eyes. The PRP has the capability to produce growth factors, which simulate your collagen molecules to revive the skin area and thus, making it more tight and strong. The platelet therapy makes the texture soft, firms the skin, and decrease the dark circles. It is a simple and quick procedure.

4.Undereye Peels

Chemical peels help to lessen the appearance of the dark circles,if the dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation.
The skin on the eyelid is very thin and as a consequence medium depth or deep chemical peels are not suggested as they have the potential to cause damage to the eyeball. Superficial peels are most often used because this are the weakest variant of chemical peel, they do not penetrate as deeply.However,chemical peels are most effective when used as part of a combination approach in treating dark circles.


This non-invasive procedure is known to be secure and effective, where the Ultraformer machine uses ultrasound technology. The ultrasound energy does not harm and triggers the skin into producing fresh collagen. This helps the skin to regain its elasticity, reducing eye bags and under eye flaws.It also uses ultrasound imaging, which allows doctors to determine which areas require the most treatment for the best results.

Visible improvement can be seen after the treatment, yet more progressive and distinct outcome will appear over the following months.This time period is needed for the collagen to produce results– tightening your skin to lessen dark circles and eye bags.

If you are dealing with dark circle problem, then you should definitely get in touch with an expert dermatologist and discuss it in detail. For booking an appointment with Dr. Nirupama Parwanda for dark circle treatment, you can reach us at 011-41730976, +91 8527028004 or book an appointment online.


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