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Thread Lift is a great new alternative to surgical face lift treatments. It is a minimally invasive procedure which is crafted to restructure the facial skin and the results are very much similar to the surgical face lift treatment. So, if you want to do away with the wrinkles and sagging skin, the surgical face lift is not the only treatment option available. Nowadays, there are numerous dermatology treatments available for anti-aging; neuromodulators like Botox and Hyaluronic acid fillers help in relaxing the muscles and regain the volume, Lasers and Radiofrequency treatments for skin tightening help in regenerating the tissues and stimulate collagen production.

Thread Lifts for Facial Rejuvenation

Thread lift treatment covers almost all the parts of your face to give you a comprehensive fresh look. The areas of face which are treated with thread lifts are:

1. Forehead lines
2. Temple lifting
3. Droopy eyebrows
4. Droopy cheeks
5. Smile lines
6. Chubby face tissues
7. Marionette lines
8. Jowls
9. Saggy Neck folds
10. Neck lines

Thread Lift is an effective treatment for lifting the sagging skin on face and the neck. Thread lift is also referred to as suture lift as the procedure uses sutures or threads that are used in the surgical procedures. These threads have knots which are specially designed to keep the skin in place. Before initiating the procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied. And then the skin is marked where the threads are to be inserted. The threads are placed under the skin in this non-surgical procedure, which work as a support to the skin and hold it up tight. Over a period of time these threads naturally break down. The results last up to 36-60 months depending on various factors. There’s no skin injury involved and the session lasts somewhere between 30-60 minutes which makes it a convenient treatment for people with busy schedule. There might be mild bruising for around 2 days, so the patients can continue with their regular routine after 2-3 days of the treatment.

However, the results are visible almost instantly after the treatment but it keeps improving your appearance as the collagen production is boosted. The improved elastin also results in further skin tightening up to 2 months. As you age the skin areas that are commonly affected are forehead, area around the eyes, mouth and cheeks. Thread lift helps in significant reduction of worry lines and wrinkles for a naturally tight skin and younger appearance. Thread lifting is not only restricted to face or neck but is also quite an effective treatment for arms, breasts and vaginal tightening.

Benefits of Thread Lift:

1. Lifting
2. Volumizing
3. Contouring
4. Boosting Collagen Production

Side effects of Thread Lift: There are no long term side effects of the treatment. Some of the patients might feel sensation while making facial expressions. The side-effects mentioned below only last for 2-3 days.

1. Mild redness
2. Mild bruising
3. Swelling

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