Cosmetic Procedure Myths

There is not a shadow of doubt in the fact that cosmetic surgeries require a lot of contemplation and healthy motivation. The number of myths and rumors attached to them simply make a person more circumspect about them. So today’s Zolie blog will tackle and bust some common myths related to a cosmetic surgery.

1) Cosmetic Surgeries are Expensive

This is a really common myth. People have this perception that all the cosmetic surgeries regardless of the treatment are expensive. However, the cost range for each treatment varies on various factors. We at Zolie skin clinic have a range of treatments which are really affordable.

2) Cosmetic Surgeries are for rich and famous people

We at Zolie believe that cosmetic surgeries are for every person who wants to feel more beautiful or want to change something about themselves. People often think that such luxuries are only meant for the rich without realizing the fact that cosmetic surgeries are really mainstream these days.

3) Cosmetic Surgeries are Unsafe

Surgeries which are performed by experts with caution are really safe. It is crucial for the client to choose a safe clinic and do a thorough research before getting any surgery done.

4) Only Women get Cosmetic Surgeries

It’s not true that only women get surgeries done. Nowadays, men like women do not hesitate to go under the knife.

5) All Cosmetic Surgeons will provide the same result

In addition to the track record and experience, it is better to look for a surgeon who specializes in the procedure you want to get done. This will ensure the best results.

6) Cosmetic Surgery results last forever

Though many people believe in the common perception that the results of cosmetic surgeries last forever. They may last for a long time but not forever. You can gain weight even after a liposuction and may get fine lines on your face even after a thread lift.

7) Botox will make your Face Expressionless

Myth, getting a Botox is not going to stretch your face muscles and make it expressionless. Botox is not going to freeze your face muscles and make it look awkward.

8) Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are one and the same

Myth, both plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery are different terms which aren’t interchangeable. Often people mistake them to be the same thing.

9) Cosmetic Surgery may increase the risk of getting Cancer

It is not true. Cosmetic surgery in no way is related to your body producing cancer cells.

10) Results look Unnatural

Let’s be honest and admit that Hollywood and Bollywood industry has not done a lot of favors to the concept of cosmetic surgeries. Most people with the most plastic looking like result make it on to the covers of magazines. However, at Zolie Skin Clinic we are best at what we do and we guarantee client satisfaction. You won’t leave with anything you are not happy with.


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